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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Demon in the Forest

While I'm comfortable in Second Life barefoot and in jeans, I love the myriad of looks we can have here. I might be found as a mermaid, a neko, fairy, or anything in between. Why wear what we wear in real life? Sure, it is nice and comfortable... but why not explore? Halloween is the *perfect* time to play... just like in RL we can be whatever we want to be, so lets have fun!

Today I went to the extreme (for me) with this all black demon look. The idea, of course, is to wear my own designs.. but with a twist.

Clearly this dark creature is lost- in a mystical land... wandering through the trees to find her way home

Flying to the treetops, she surveys the forest below

Finally she spies her means of escape... back to her netherworld home.

Here I am wearing from LoveCats:
Skin- Kitten skin black
Shape- Kitten skin black shape (modified)
Eyes- Pyro eyes
Outfit- Temptress (includes boots and dress)
Demon wings- from Demon Kitty outfit

and since I can't have *everything* on hand for the perfect look....I have added:
Hair- Curious Kitties
Nails/ring/bracelet set- *X*plosion